Harness the power of cloud based solutions for smart EV charging management.

Unlock the potential of smart EV charging with secured and scalable cloud architecture. Elevate your charging network efficiency with our cutting edge hardware agnostic solutions. Offering seamless integrations, robust analytics & user centric features for superior charging experience.

white label

Get your own branded EV Charging Platform & App

All in one charging management software with white labeled mobile app, web app, and backend portal for your location partners and EV users.

Empower EV users with a feature-rich, white-labeled charging experience through Evoltsoft's dedicated mobile app, available on both iOS and Android platforms. Enjoy user-friendly functionalities, real-time updates, and a seamless interface for efficient and convenient electric vehicle charging.
EV User Mobile App
Ensure user convenience and compliance with Evoltsoft's web app for ad-hoc EV charging. No need to download an app—simply access the user-friendly web portal for a hassle-free electric vehicle charging experience.
Web App
Empower your EV charging network with Evoltsoft's Backend Portal Application. Set rates, manage charge points, oversee network operations, and efficiently handle EV user management—all from a centralized and user-friendly platform.
Backend Portal
Unlock the potential of your EV charging network with Evoltsoft's versatile APIs. Seamlessly integrate with your internal applications, such as ERP, CRM, or billing software. Create your own mobile application or integrate with third-party applications for enhanced EV roaming through OCPI.
Payments & Billing

Empower Your Revenue: Flexible Payments with Evoltsoft

Leverage the flexibility to integrate with the payment gateway of your preference, ensuring smooth management of diverse billing options for both your customers and business partners. Whether you opt for Rapyd, Stripe, Braintree right off the bat or choose to integrate your preferred payment processor, Evoltsoft offers a seamless experience

Directly accept payments from customers without incurring additional fees or experiencing delays from the Evoltsoft platform.

Hardware Agnostic

Achieve enhanced flexibility and interoperability through OCPP

Achieve maximum flexibility in your charging infrastructure by incorporating charge points from diverse OCPP-compliant vendors through Evoltsoft's hardware-agnostic Charge Point Management System (CPMS). Scale your network seamlessly, adapting to different business cases with ease and ensuring interoperability across your entire charging infrastructure.

OCPP Compliance Unleashed: Explore Hardware-Agnostic Performance with Our Fully OCPP-Compliant Charging Management Software
All OCPP Chargers
Ensure universal compatibility with Evoltsoft's EV charging management software, meticulously tested and OCPP compliant, making it seamlessly compatible with a diverse range of chargers for a hassle-free charging experience.
20+ Chargers Tested
Evoltsoft's APis

Build your custom solution with EV Charging APIs

Evoltsoft External APIs provide a scalable framework designed to accommodate a wide range of business requirements. Customize user experiences, integrate with current systems, and develop sophisticated custom solutions.

EV Roaming (OCPI)

Unlock revenue opportunities, expand your reach  and maximize utilization.

Broaden your network to encompass EV drivers from diverse providers, optimizing revenue streams from your charging stations. Extend your services across multiple networks to enhance customer retention and engagement.

Home & Private Charging

Drive additional revenue with home charging

Leverage an EV charging management platform that manages home, work, and public charging and grow your customer base. Cater to various scenarios, including fleet operators seeking cost-efficient workplace and home charging solutions, or property managers in need of efficient grid management and tenant billing.

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Offer a 360° charging experience to your customers

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Use smart scheduling to save your customers money by taking advantage of off-peak electricity rates

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Reimburse employees charging company electric vehicles at home

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Track energy usage and bill tenants for their EV charging in multi-family buildings

Load balancing & Smart charging

Efficiently manage the available power on site

Avoid costly grid upgrades and deploy your preferred number of chargers efficiently with our Dynamic Load Management algorithms:

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Optimize the distribution of available electricity among multiple chargers in a circuit.

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Implement intelligent prioritization of charging speed for each customer.

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Effectively manage chargers from various manufacturers.

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Make dynamic load limit adjustments seamlessly through our API.

Partner Management

Empower Site Host to run and grow their business.

Accelerate the expansion of your charging network and services by swiftly introducing and onboarding partners into your system. Whether your partners manage their own charging stations that you operate or are site hosts offering space for the installation of charging stations, we accommodate all business scenarios.

Plans & Pricing

Have full control over pricing

Increase your revenue and easily cover multiple EV charging uses cases with our flexible tariffs and subscription plans. Set the right price for each customer at every location through targeted tariffs based on kWh, duration or time of day to ensure optimal pricing strategies for your EV charging operations.

Remote Management & Maintenance

Increase efficiency with full network control, cut cost and increase reliability.

Remotely start and stop charging sessions, unlock cables, set charging profiles that determine the charging speed and duration and update the firmware to acquire new functionalities and features.

With real-time issue detection and automated fault-recovery algorithms, your charging stations can be up and operational within minutes without the need for on-site maintenance. Gain insights and diagnostics from extensive error logs and maintain operational efficiency while you scale.

Reports & Analytics

Make data driven decisions

Gain valuable data about your customers and their charging habits. Use the built-in reports and analytics to help you find growth areas and eliminate inefficiencies.

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Track key metrics such as total revenue, energy consumption, and customer acquisition

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Use real-time dashboards to see the status of your network at a glance

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Get actionable insights into charger status, charging patterns, and energy consumption with extensive analytics and reporting

Security & Scalability

Scale up and across with maximum flexibility and security

Our system is hosted on Google Cloud using a scalable architecture so that all services can be scaled horizontally and vertically when required.

We prioritize advanced data security measures, implementing a comprehensive set of controls and adhering to industry best practices to protect your data and fulfill global data privacy obligations

Get Your Own White-Label EV Charging Management Software