White-Label EV Charging Software

Revolutionize your EV charging business with our white-label software, offering seamless integration for any OCPP compliant charger. Launch, optimize, and scale with confidence using our custom branded EV charging management system. Elevate your business with a versatile EV charging app designed for maximum user experience, efficiency and adaptability.

Evoltsoft White-Labeled EV Charging Software Management Platform on Phone and Laptop
Complete Ownership

A comprehensive stack of EV charging solutions

Evoltsoft provides an all-in-one and end-to-end software solutions for all businesses ready to start or scale their EV charging business – from Charge Point Operators to Energy Utilities, Fleet Operators, Home Charging and many more.

Branded EV Charging Software: Tailored solutions for managing your electric vehicle charging network under your unique brand identity.

White Labeled Software

Utilize the capabilities of a fully integrated EV charge point management system (CPMS) with customizable branding for end-user mobile and ad-hoc web app, backend portal, and secure data hosting at your chosen server location.

OCPP Gateway Server: Enhance your EV Charging Software with seamless communication between charging stations and backend systems using the Open Charge Point Protocol.

OCPP Gateway

Our OCPP charging management platform seamlessly integrates with and configures to top-tier charging station manufacturers worldwide. Hardware-agnostic and OCPP1.6J compliant, it adapts to any OCPP-compatible hardware.

Custom Payment Gateway Integration: Have full control over your money with seamless and personalized payment solutions for EV charging services

Payment Gateway

Opt for our built-in payment integrations with industry leaders like Stripe, Braintree (PayPal), RazorPay, or effortlessly integrate your preferred local payment gateway. Accept payments directly into your chosen bank account.

APIs and Integration: Seamlessly integrate EV Charging Data with internal systems and create new charging applications for enhanced efficiency and innovation.

APIs & Integrations

Elevate your system's flexibility, performance, and robustness with our APIs. Seamlessly integrate crucial EV charging data into your existing external systems—ERP, CRM, Billing, etc.—and create tailor-made features and solutions for your unique requirements.

EV Roaming with OCPI: Enhance your charging network's reach and accessibility by implementing Open Charge Point Interface (OCPI) for seamless EV roaming services.

EV Roaming (OCPI)

Enhance your charging network's exposure and utilization with OCPI Interoperability. Display your chargers on peer networks, extending your outreach and ensuring broad visibility for an efficient and interconnected charging infrastructure. Monetize and expand your reach.

Optimize Efficiency with Energy Management: Maximize charging infrastructure efficiency through dynamic load management, minimizing grid upgrade costs.

Energy & Load Balancing

Optimize your charging infrastructure without costly grid upgrades. Our Smart Load Distribution system, powered by a patent-pending fair share algorithm, ensures efficient and sustainable power delivery to the connected electric vehicles.


20+ Features to power-up your EV Charging Management

Efficient Customer and Location Partner Management: Elevate your EV charging network with seamless customer and location partner administration using advanced management software.

Customer & Partner Management

Boost your charging network and services by effortlessly introducing and onboarding partners. Our versatile platform accommodates partners with their own charging stations and site hosts providing space, supporting diverse business scenarios.

Enhance Revenue Sharing and Subscription Management: Maximize profits with transparent revenue sharing strategies for location partners and flexible subscription cost structures in EV charging software

Subscriptions & Revenue Sharing

Simplify partner subscription management with our Partner Subscription & Service Fee feature. Effortlessly collect fees, establish service contracts, and automate revenue sharing with location partners for transparent income distribution and financial monitoring.

Smart Tariff Management: Implement dynamic rates for EV charging considering time of day, day of the week, and periodic scheduling, ensuring flexibility and efficiency.

Dynamic Tariff

Set up dynamic pricing structures based on kilowatt-hour consumption, charging duration, or time-of-day rates. Categorize tariffs into customer-specific groups and schedule varying rates at different times of the year.

Efficient EV User Wallet Management: Seamlessly handle payment profiles, invoicing, and user wallets within your EV charging software system for a streamlined and user-friendly experience.

Wallet, Payment Profiles & Invoicing

Enhance financial operations with our Transactions, Wallet, Payments, Invoicing & Billing feature. Seamlessly integrate your preferred payment gateway and efficiently monitor and manage transactions between your organization, end customers, and location partners.

Enhance Control with OCPP Remote Actions: Execute remote actions and diagnostics seamlessly through the OCPP protocol, ensuring optimal performance and diagnostics for your EV charging infrastructure.

Remote Diagnostics

Ensure minimal downtime with our real-time issue detection system, swiftly resolving charging station problems without on-site maintenance. Leverage detailed server logs and remote management to enhance operational efficiency.

Unlock Insights with Reports and Analytics: Elevate your EV charging management with comprehensive reports and analytics dashboards, gaining valuable insights for efficient operation and strategic decision-making

Automated Reports & Analytics

Unlock valuable insights into your charging business through our comprehensive and organized data analytics. Make strategic decisions with real-time dashboards, detailed analytics, and robust reporting tools.

Monetize Home and Private Charging: Turn your residential charging stations into income-generating assets, offering opportunities akin to the Airbnb model for EV charging. Maximize profitability with flexible, at-home charging solutions

Home Charging & Monetization

Empower your customers to efficiently manage private chargers, schedule charging periods, and offer complimentary charging to designated users. Monetize and generate revenue from community usage of the chargers as an enticing option.

Drive Savings with Coupons & Discounts: Enhance the EV charging experience by offering special coupons and discounts, providing cost-effective and rewarding charging solutions for customers

Coupons & Discounts

Boost customer engagement by generating coupons for individuals or groups, providing charging credits, and applying enticing discounts over EV charging sessions. Allow Members to redeem coupons on mobile app or directly assign it from backend portal.

User-Driven Insights: Boost customer satisfaction and trust with Ratings and Reviews, offering valuable insights into the quality and performance of charge stations in your EV charging software.

Review & Ratings

Cultivate transparency and user trust with our Review and Rating feature. Enable users to make informed choices, promoting top-performing EV charging stations. Give reviews on the EV mobile app and published through backend portal.

Effortless RFID Card Management: Seamlessly control EV charge points with RFID card access through our Charging Management System, ensuring secure and convenient usage.

RFID Card Management

Improve user convenience by providing RFID cards, enabling secure and hassle-free access to your charging stations. These RFID cards can be easily managed and assigned through the portal, allowing for seamless administration and control over access permissions.

Stay Informed Anytime, Anywhere: Receive instant notifications and alerts on your EV charging app, keeping you updated on charging status and ensuring a seamless charging experience.

Alerts & Notification

Stay informed and maintain operational excellence with our detailed error logs and proactive notification system, ensuring swift identification and resolution of issues for uninterrupted service. Integrate vendor error to swiftly identify and resolve issues.

Effortless EV User Management: Empower your operations with efficient backend portal tools. Block, unblock, and analyze EV users seamlessly for optimized charging network management.

EV User Administration

Efficiently manage EV app end-users on the portal, analyzing their charging habits to create personalized offers. Additionally, streamline wallet refunds and invoice management for enhanced user engagement. Have a complete 360˚ view of EV driver for enhanced network operations.

Enhance Collaborative EV Charge Station Management with Secure Role-Based Access: Enable partners and customers to onboard their teams securely, ensuring data privacy and robust security protocols.

Roles Based Access Control

Our EV CPMS provides role-based access control, allowing seamless user enrollment and role assignment for viewing, editing, and ownership. Ensure secure and customized EV charging management for both you and your location partners.

Best EV Charging App: Seamlessly Reserve and Queue for Charging Sessions on the Go

Reservation & Queueing

Elevate the user experience by enabling convenient charging slot reservations, minimizing wait times and ensuring a seamless charging process. Our intelligent queuing system efficiently manages demand, promoting fair access and overall user satisfaction.

 Efficiently manage your EV charging network with our powerful backend portal. Seamlessly onboard new chargers, monitor their operational status, and run diagnostics to ensure optimal performance. The portal allows you to easily mark charge points as operative or inoperative, providing a comprehensive overview of your network's health. With robust utilization and uptime monitoring, you can make data-driven decisions to enhance the efficiency and reliability of your EV charging infrastructure.

Charge Point Management

Seamlessly integrate charge stations with various location partners, monitoring and analyzing crucial data such as availability, uptime, server logs, and sessions. Enhance business management and elevate customer service.

Enhance EV Charging Efficiency with OCPP Smart Charging and Dynamic Load Balancing for Sustainable and Grid-Optimized Solutions

Smart Charging

Enhance efficiency and grid optimization. OCPP Smart Charging allows for intelligent management of charging sessions, optimizing power distribution based on factors like energy demand and grid capacity. Ensure a balanced and efficient use of resources, preventing grid overloads.

Streamline Partner Settlements: Reconcile Monthly Electricity Costs with Ease, Factoring in Subscriptions, Revenue Sharing Contracts, and Service Fees for EV Charging Solutions

Location Partner Settlements

Facilitate instant settlement of electricity and charging revenue with partners, depositing funds directly into their wallet post-charging. Maintain a comprehensive financial history and enable periodic payouts. Partners can seamlessly utilize their wallet balance for charging on the network.

Enhance Charge Station Management with Efficient Service and Warranty Oversight for Optimal Performance and Longevity.

Service & Warranty Management

Streamline service and warranty management effortlessly within our Charge Station Management System. Schedule preventive service sessions seamlessly to ensure optimal performance. Detailed service logs for swift issue resolution and detailed historical overview.

Efficiently Manage EV Charge Station Commissioning: Track Installations, Maintain Materials Records, and Record Site Surveys for Comprehensive Location Management.

Site & Installation Management

Record site survey details and installation specifics for charge stations directly within your charging management system. Delegate installation tasks to field agents, monitor progress and trigger informative notifications to stakeholders seamlessly.

Optimize Marketing Strategies: Leverage Backend Portal for In-App Display Ads and Targeted Marketing Push Notifications.

Marketing Management

Strategize and execute targeted EV charging marketing campaigns tailored to end-user segments, considering demographics, charging behavior, and vehicle data all from with our EV charging management software. Drive utilization through smart customer engagement.

Tailor-Made Solutions: Evoltsoft's EV Charging Management Software Offers Feature Customization and Custom Workflows to Meet Your Unique Business Requirements.

Custom Workflows

Elevate your system with custom features catering to specific business requirements or unique workflows. From custom UI/UX for end-user mobile applications to adding bespoke data reports and tables, we ensure seamless business operations.

Getting Started

Get Up & Running in 2 Weeks

Experience unparalleled scalability for your EV charging business through our cutting-edge white-label EV charging software. Rapid turnaround with a white-labeled software delivery in just 2 weeks.

Integrations Icon - Techflow X Webflow Template

Step 1 - Initiation

Share your brand assets and colors with us, enabling us to integrate them into your personalized EV charging platform and mobile app.

White-Labeled EV Charging App Customisation: Fonts and Map Pins
White-Labeled EV Charging App Customization: Logo and Color Scheme
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Step 2 - Implementation

We setup your cloud account, customize web app, develop and publish the mobile apps on Google Play and the Apple App Store on your developer account.

Evoltsoft white-labeled ev charging platform: cloud & app store setup
Evoltsoft White-Labeled EV Charging Platform Design and Development
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Step 3 - Launch

We handover and do a comprehensive training for your team on  mobile apps and backend platforms that are published and ready to use.

White-labeled ev charging app: mobile app screens
Evoltsoft white-labeled ev charging platform: ready-to-use backend portal

Experts in EV Charging Software Solutions

Start with confidence. Our team of experts in e-mobility is prepared to address any inquiries you have regarding our customized EV Charging platform and software solutions. Discover how we can contribute to the expansion of your business.

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For Businesses & Industries

EV Charging Solutions for many Businesses

Tailored solutions designed to grow your EV charging business and reach new customers. Choose your business model to see how our customized and white-labelled EV Charging platform works for you.

Electric Vehicles Charging at Multiple EV Charging Stations  pen_spark

Charge Point & Network Operators

Expand your e-mobility network with our white-label EV Charging Management Software. Immerse yourself in an all-encompassing platform designed for streamlined administration of your charge points.

Electric Grid Technician Inspecting High-Voltage Transmission Tower

Energy & Grid Companies

Achieve rapid scalability without the need for extensive grid upgrades, boost kWh sales, and seamlessly integrate with existing systems to provide a unified and enhanced customer experience.

Electric Vehicle Fleet Charging at Multi-Stall Charging Station

EV Fleet Operators

Ensure the success of your EV fleet, the Evoltsoft platform empowers fleet operators to seamlessly integrate with various vehicle telematics, route management platforms, or other fleet-centric software solutions.

Traditional Gas Station with Pumps and Convenience Store

Oil & Gas Companies

Diversify revenue streams. Previously anonymous customers at gas stations can now be identified during EV charging.By utilizing this valuable user behavior data, Evoltsoft enables oil and gas companies to provide enhanced services and products to EV drivers.

Wall-mounted ev charging station installation

Charge Point Installers & Dealers

Improve your business services by enabling customers to receive payments for charging, manage their charging stations, and access real-time insights along with historical usage reports. Offer comprehensive features that ensures competitiveness while delivering added value to your clients.

Globalize Your Charger Manufacturing Business: Drive Sales and International Expansion with Evoltsoft's State-of-the-Art EV Charging Management Software

Charger Manufacturers

Offer all-encompassing EV charging solutions, covering hardware, software, and an array of services seamlessly integrated into your unique brand experience. Combine your hardware with Evoltsoft's software to cater to a wide range of EV charging solution providers.

Reliable Scalable Secure

Your Technology Partners

Empower Your Charging Network: Tailor-Made EV Charging Software Solutions with Custom UI/UX Design and Secure Hosting on Your Own Google Cloud Server.

Custom Software Development

Unlock unparalleled software solutions tailored to your unique needs with our custom software development services. Our comprehensive offerings encompass everything from crafting bespoke solutions from the ground up to implementing Open Standards and creating custom add-ons for Charging Point Operators (CPOs) and e-Mobility Service Providers (eMSPs).

E-Mobility Consulting

Elevate your journey into the EV charging digital ecosystem with our expert e-mobility consulting services. Benefit from our wealth of experience as we guide and support companies in establishing their presence in the rapidly evolving e-mobility landscape. Our comprehensive consulting offerings extend beyond mere advice, providing ongoing tech and business support to ensure your success in the dynamic world of electric vehicle charging.

Strategic Consulting for OCPP and OCPI Protocols: Accelerate Product and Software Development Life Cycle with Industry Expertise and Know-Hows.

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