Unlock flexibility with a EV charging software built on OCPP.

Evoltsoft's EV Charging Platform is compatible with various hardware and fully embraces the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP).

Open charge point protocol (OCCP)

How it works

Combine different EV charging hardware seamlessly using OCPP

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Empower your EV charging operations with Evoltsoft's OCPP server solution.

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Authentication & Access Control

Deliver a mutually beneficial arrangement to your customers by providing customized service levels, charging capabilities, and pricing structures tailored to their specific needs and requirements.

Real Time Remote Management

Monitor your network in real-time, gaining full visibility into charge point logs and performing maintenance tasks remotely with ease.

Dynamic Load Management

Maximize energy efficiency and prevent expensive grid upgrades by leveraging charging profiles, scheduled charging, and dynamic load management to optimize energy usage.

Remote Firmware Updates

Ensure your charging stations are always up to date with the latest technologies by easily updating their firmware over the air (FOTA) through our charge point management system.

Benefits of adopting OCPP

OCPP plays a crucial role for every participant involved in the EV charging supply chain.

Our OCPP-compliant backend not only reduces costs and simplifies the maintenance of the charging infrastructure but also opens up new avenues for businesses in fleet electrification, energy utilities, and petrol retailers.

Charge Point Operators

Take advantage of the hardware-agnostic nature of OCPP to benefit your network. Lower support and maintenance expenses with fault prevention algorithms. Enhance grid investment and electricity cost optimization with dynamic load management. Expand your network with a future-ready OCPP-compliant charge point management platform and increase your revenue with innovative business models.

Charge Point Installers

Incorporating charge points with OCPP support has never been easier. It enables key functionalities for remote charge point operations, firmware updates, and dynamic load management, ensuring smooth operations and peak performance.

Fleet Operators

Fleet operators can utilize an OCPP-enabled charge point management platform to optimize their investment costs for electrification. By choosing from various OCPP-compliant charging points, they can reduce expenses linked to grid updates through dynamic load management. Additionally, they can offer home charging options for their employees, further enhancing cost-effectiveness and convenience.

Energy Utilities

Harness the capabilities of dynamic smart tariffs by integrating them into your OCPP-compliant EV charging management platform like Evoltsoft. This integration allows you to assist your customers in reducing additional expenses while optimizing grid investments and electricity costs through dynamic load management strategies.

Oil & Gas

Broaden your range of services by incorporating EV charging into your offerings, without worrying about grid updates or maintenance expenses. Choose high-quality EV charging software and hardware, capitalizing on the cost-effective advantages of an OCPP backend to expand your network seamlessly and effectively.

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