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Optimize the charging of your EV fleet effortlessly with our comprehensive software solution.

EV Fleet Management Platfrom Features

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EV Driver Charge Card
Evoltsoft's Energy Management and Load Balancing Algorithm revolutionizes your charging infrastructure, preventing grid overload and eliminating the need for costly upgrades. Optimize your energy distribution, prioritize charging speeds, and seamlessly manage chargers from various manufacturers. With dynamic load limit adjustments via API, Evoltsoft ensures efficiency and sustainability, making your EV charging network smarter and more reliable.
Load Balancing
Empower your EV charging network with Evoltsoft's Backend Portal Application. Set rates, manage charge points, oversee network operations, and efficiently handle EV user management—all from a centralized and user-friendly platform.
Fleet Management Portal
Unlock the potential of your EV charging network with Evoltsoft's versatile APIs. Seamlessly integrate with your internal applications, such as ERP, CRM, or billing software. Create your own mobile application or integrate with third-party applications for enhanced EV roaming through OCPI.
APIs Integrations
Remote maintenance

Monitor and manage your fleet charging operations in real-time.

To ensure your EV fleet's success, it's essential to maintain complete control over your charging infrastructure and effectively address issues remotely to minimize expenses. Evoltsoft's EV charging platform enables seamless integration with your current fleet management software, providing real-time alerts and fault notifications, facilitating connectivity with employee home chargers, and integrating with public charging operators.

Hardware Agnostic

Achieve enhanced flexibility and choose any OCPP charger

The EV charging software platform designed for fleet operators is hardware-agnostic, ensuring compatibility with various charging stations compliant with the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP). This seamless integration empowers you to monitor and track essential metrics for your fleet operator business, such as usage patterns and charging station performance, with precision and ease.

OCPP Compliance Unleashed: Explore Hardware-Agnostic Performance with Our Fully OCPP-Compliant Charging Management Software
All OCPP Chargers
Ensure universal compatibility with Evoltsoft's EV charging management software, meticulously tested and OCPP compliant, making it seamlessly compatible with a diverse range of chargers for a hassle-free charging experience.
20+ Chargers Tested
Reports & Analytics

Make data driven decisions

Evoltsoft's EV Charging Platform empowers fleet operators with real-time insights into EV drivers' charging behavior and energy consumption. With automated reimbursement solutions for charging sessions spanning home, depot, and on-the-road charging, Evoltsoft addresses all billing scenarios. Furthermore, robust reporting tools enable fleet operators to analyze data reports across their entire charging ecosystem, enhancing real-time cost visibility and informed decision-making.

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Track key metrics such as total revenue, energy consumption, and driver's charging pattern

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Use real-time dashboards to see the status of your fleet charging metrics at a glance

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Get actionable insights into charger status and energy consumption with extensive analytics and reporting

Load balancing & Smart charging

Reduce operational costs with smart charging mangement

Avoid costly grid upgrades and deploy your preferred number of chargers efficiently with our Dynamic Load Management algorithms:

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Optimize the distribution of available electricity among multiple chargers in a circuit.

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Implement intelligent prioritization of charging speed for each EV driver.

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Effectively manage chargers from various manufacturers.

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Make dynamic load limit adjustments seamlessly through our API.

Security & Scalability

Scale up and across with maximum flexibility and security

We prioritize advanced data security measures, implementing a comprehensive set of controls and adhering to industry best practices to protect your data and fulfill global data privacy obligations

Our system is hosted on Google Cloud using a scalable architecture so that all services can be scaled horizontally and vertically when required.

EV Fleet Operators

Strategies and use cases for Fleet Operators

Support numerous fleet types and charging scenarios. With Evoltsoft’s complete platform, you can easily cover depot charging, residential charging, and on-the-road charging.

Corporate Fleet

To efficiently manage your corporate EV fleet, you'll need specialized software for handling your charging stations. This software automates cost tracking and optimizes charging, which not only saves you money but also lowers your emissions.

Electric logistic fleet

Switching your logistics fleet to electric power is not just eco-friendly but also keeps you compliant with government rules. With Evoltsoft's EV Charging platform, you can make this switch easily, saving on costs. Our charging software works with all modern charging hardware, making your fleet's electrification hassle-free and budget-friendly.

Car Parks

Already own some parking spaces? Add charging stations for electric cars to create an additional revenue stream. They not only attract new customers but also enhance your visibility as an electric vehicle charging destination.With Evoltsoft's EV charging platform, you can easily install and oversee your charging stations. Additionally, benefit from load management features to lower your electricity expenses.

Home charging

Offering a single app for public, private, and home charging ensures your EV drivers enjoy a complete charging solution, saving time and money by charging their EVs at home.

Through our API integration with electricity suppliers, you gain precise insights into hourly power costs for the next 24 hours. This enables smart scheduling for EV drivers, helping you save on electricity expenses.

Consider sharing some of the savings with EV drivers based on your reimbursement policy, possibly through incentives or employee benefits. This not only fosters employee loyalty but also enhances your company's reputation.

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