EV Charging
Feb 25, 2024

Benefits of using White-labeled EV Charging Management Software

Learn how using a white-labeled EV charging management software is more beneficial than building your own.

Benefits of using White-labeled EV Charging Management Software

As a charge point operator, you need a software solution that allows for significant scaling while ensuring efficiency in the daily operations needed to run an EV charging business. A white-label solution gives you the tools to increase profitability, accommodate use-cases and develop your brand for a successful long-term strategy.

The benefits of using a white-label solution

Launch your business in a matter of weeks

Those who position themselves first and lead the way will enjoy the greatest opportunities from the rapid, global electric vehicle uptake. A white-label solution allows you to leverage industry expertise and launch your business within weeks. Market-ready features such as interoperability with any OCPP-compliant charging station, payment integrations, and load management tools cut your time to market considerably. Getting to market faster means you can focus on selling and installing stations, earning revenue and investing in your business and marketing efforts.

Slash Your Software Expenses

The journey of software product development can be a costly and lengthy one. Crafting a team capable of constructing your platform involves a significant financial commitment. Not only must these individuals possess top-tier technical expertise, but they also require an in-depth understanding of the industry to design a solution capable of accommodating a diverse array of charging scenarios. However, with a white-label solution, you can sidestep the financial burden of starting from scratch and instead make a mere fraction of the investment you would typically undertake.

Embrace the Future with Expertly Crafted Software

White-label software providers are committed to perpetual product improvement, ensuring your EV charging network's scalability and profitability. Charge point operators can sometimes underestimate the intricacies of the market and the diverse array of problems they must resolve. A white-label solution offers a substantial answer, consistently fortified by cutting-edge technologies designed to tackle evolving use cases, industry complexities, and protocols. The resources that might otherwise be channeled into maintaining and constructing your software can now be directed towards installing new stations, fostering revenue growth, and building a brighter future.

Unlock a World of Possibilities for Your EV Charging Business

For charge point operators, it's essential to have a solution that can seamlessly adapt to various challenges. You might need to support chargers from different manufacturers, integrate existing systems, or even provide your mobile app in multiple languages. A white-label solution is your gateway to addressing these diverse needs, ensuring your software aligns perfectly with your business objectives.

Elevate Your Brand and Cultivate Customer Loyalty

With a white-label solution, you have the incredible opportunity to deliver a charging experience that's uniquely yours. Your customers will associate the exceptional service they receive with your brand, not an external provider. Plus, you can nurture and solidify customer loyalty by offering enticing perks like exclusive deals, reduced charging costs, and so much more. Your brand, your customers, your success.

Boost Your Earnings with Enhanced Network Monetization

Picture this: your well-known brand, a flourishing base of end customers, and an ever-expanding web of B2B partnerships. The result? More charging stations strategically placed at prime locations, skyrocketing the monetization of your network. And when you embrace a white-label solution like Evoltsoft's, you unlock the power to provide your partners with personalized apps to boost their brands. It's a win-win that caters to various business models and supercharges your monetization potential.

Evoltsoft's EV charging solution can set you up for success

All the modules of the software are branded with your logo, font and colors to match your company identity. As well as the mobile app and the back-end management portal, this includes web interfaces and all customer accessible documents. Everything your customers see is entirely under your brand with no indication that it is powered by Evoltsoft. Visually, there would be no difference between using our white-label solution or your own.

Our EV driver mobile apps are intuitive and provide a seamless charging experience. The location pins, buttons, background colors, and icon customizations allow you to brand your service offerings and differentiate from the competition.

Final thoughts

As your business develops, it will be increasingly important to integrate additional capabilities and customization to address evolving use-cases and industry challenges. Evoltsoft's EV charging platform not only puts your brand at the forefront of your business but also allows you to grow while providing a superior charging experience to your customers.