Feb 25, 2024

An Ideal Custom & White-Labeled EV Charging App

Choosing the right EV charging station finder app development company amid the market's abundance is challenging. This post aims to elucidate the purpose of EV charging station applications and highlight key features for reader insights.

An Ideal Custom & White-Labeled EV Charging App

Taking recent government regulations into consideration, there is a growing daily demand for enhanced EV chargers in the market. The Electric Vehicles market's total revenue is anticipated to exhibit an annual growth rate (CAGR 2023 to 2028) of 10.07%, potentially reaching a market volume of US$ 906.7 billion by 2028.

Regarding EV charging app features, users particularly prioritize connectivity. Beyond just connectivity in the EV charger, users also seek improvements in control over the charger and the overall process to enhance the consumer journey.

However, given the abundance of EV charging station finder app development companies and brands in the market, selecting the right one poses a challenge. Additionally, understanding the purpose of EV charging station applications and identifying the significant features of EV charging apps is pivotal. This blog post aims to delve into these crucial points to provide valuable insights for our readers. Let's commence by exploring the purpose and objectives of the EV Charging Station App.

Why Should Someone Invest in EV Charging Station Finder App Development?

In recent years, there has been a substantial increase in the growth of electric vehicle sales, accompanied by improved range, widespread model availability, and an overall surge in performance levels. Projections suggest that unit sales in the EV market will reach approximately 17.07 million vehicles by 2028.

For those who have ventured into the EV charging station sector, transitioning operations online can prove to be a lucrative business decision. Developing an EV charging station finder app represents an optimal financial investment for businesses in this domain. Such an app can significantly enhance the visibility of your business, ultimately resulting in accelerated profits within a short timeframe.

What is the Purpose of the EV Charging Station App?

The EV charging station app was built to help electronic vehicle owners find charging stations for their cars. But, you may wonder – why would people want to find charging stations when they have chargers at home? 

The answer is fairly simple. Some electronic vehicle owners do not have enough space in their homes, or they might live in apartments where installing a charging station is impossible. 

Also, what if they are on the road and suddenly run out of charge? Returning home, charging their car, and leaving again is terrible.

What if they are on a trip driving to another state? In this scenario, they would need the EV charging station app to find spots where they can easily charge their cars.

EV Charging App Features and Functionalities to Facilitate Your Ride

Tired of constantly having to look for the nearest EV charging stations? Why not download an app for charging stations that will help you with the following: 

1. Sign up/Registration  

Every new user is required to sign up or register with their email address, mobile number, user ID, and password to use the application. You can even register through your social media accounts, such as LinkedIn, and Facebook, or directly by using a Gmail account.

2. Profile creation

Users can effortlessly create and edit their profiles on the application. They can add their details, such as profile picture, vehicle number, and car model, and make changes to these details in a quick time.

3. Reserving / Booking the charging at a station

The app user should be able to digitally book or reserve a charging slot at a station through the application so the user doesn’t have to keep waiting or standing in a long queue for hours.

4. Locate charging stations with real-time maps

Imagine driving down beautiful scenic routes, and suddenly, your car beeps that it is out of charge! Do not worry! Most apps for EV charging will help you find the nearest charging station with ease. 

But there are a lot more things that these apps can do. For instance, they can show you real-time map directions that highlight the nearest charging station. They can also help you with insights on the number of stations available, the types of chargers, and the pricing of each. This means that your days of worrying about the nearest EV station are over! 

5. Navigation to the best charging station obtainable

When you find the nearest charging station with the app, you can use the navigation segment to help you maneuver to the best one available. The app will show you which stations have more power access and the time taken to charge cars. 

6. Monitor and track your charging sessions

Companies that create EV charging apps are always investigating sophisticated monitoring and tracking of your charging sessions. This eliminates the need to wait around the charging station to check the remaining time or keep track of charging sessions. You will receive a quick notification if your car is charged or the charging pattern changes.  

7. Earn points, rewards, and discounts on charges

We all love getting added discounts, rewards, and benefits. Apps for EV charging are similar. For individuals that use charging stations frequently, they provide a variety of discounts, awards, and point systems. You can earn points through the app that you can use later with each session at a public station that has been integrated. 

8. Charge management functionalities

Either use a prepaid wallet or use your EV app to make payments online. The apps have integrated online payment options where once your charging session is complete, the charges will be directly processed as directed by you from your linked account or wallet as per your custom requirement. 

9. Payment features and tracking of expenses

The app offers payment features and functionalities as a bonus. Thanks to these apps, all your charging expenses and costs incurred can be tracked easily. This means that all your budgeting can be maintained with this app. You can track expenses in real-time and also re-check later.       

10. Compatible with numerous charging networks

Another feature of EV charging apps is that they can connect with multiple charging networks. No longer do you need to find the same brand or the same service provider. With the new developments in these apps, most of them are precisely compatible with multiple charging networks through OCPI Interoperability protocols. 

11. Leverage custom user interface and experience

Who doesn’t like a customized and personalized user interface? EV charging apps have dashboard personalizing features where you can add a different color or theme as per your mood. Plus, an added bonus is the language change. This is perfect for global users who might not understand English or other local languages well. 

What are the Additional Features of an EV Charging Mobile App?

EV charging mobile applications are intricately designed to assist electric vehicle drivers in locating the nearest charging stations. The platform includes a map that showcases all available charging ports in proximity to the app user.

But what specific features are essential for EV users when searching for a charging station? Let's delve into these requirements for the development of EV charging apps.

  1. Set and Determine Your Charging Schedule

A significant number of app users utilize this specific feature to schedule charging times according to their convenience. You can even set schedules to coincide with lower electricity rates or periods of reduced appliance usage to alleviate strain on electrical circuits.

This ensures that your EV is charged based on your preferences. The straightforward setting and adjustment functionality provide an additional advantage. For example, if you alter your plans for driving on a different day, you can effortlessly schedule this change within your EV charging app.

  1. Receive Alerts and Notifications

Tired of sleepless nights worrying about your car's charging status? Concerned about potential power outages during the night? The charging app addresses these challenges by providing timely notifications and alerts for any changes in the charging process. Users receive notifications that pinpoint the issue and offer guidance on how to resolve it, providing peace of mind and ensuring a seamless charging experience.

  1. Gather Data, Insights and Analytics

A prominent feature of the app is its ability to collect substantial datasets. All your car charging details are readily accessible on the digital platform, allowing you to leverage insights and analytics to intelligently adjust your car charging schedule according to your preferences.

  1. Deal with Multiple Users for Charging

Consider a scenario where a family owns 2 or 3 electric vehicles. How can these vehicles be charged using a single charging station? Similar to Amazon Prime users, you have the flexibility to add multiple users within the same app.

Moreover, you can conveniently monitor the charging activity for each car. By checking the energy consumption per car or user, you gain insight into individual charging expenses, ensuring transparency for everyone involved.

  1. Search Accessible Charging Stations

If you own a home charging station, you're all set. However, what do you do when you need to locate charging stations in emergency situations? In such cases, the EV application becomes your helpful companion, guiding you to the nearest charging stations.

The mobile app provides essential details such as the charging cost at each station, the charging speed, and accessibility information – all available before you make the trip to these stations.

  1. Enable Sustainable Energy

Electric vehicles (EVs) rely on energy charging instead of traditional fuels like petrol or diesel, and harnessing solar energy presents an opportunity to further reduce costs. Utilizing solar energy goes beyond a simple plug-and-forget approach. Sustainable energy becomes particularly beneficial when you store power generated by solar panels in advance for charging your car. It also enables you to identify optimal charging times, such as periods when other appliances consume less energy.

Technology is advancing rapidly, especially in the realm of sustainable electronic vehicles, and EV charging app features are designed to simplify your life. These apps serve as support platforms, assisting EV owners in locating nearby charging stations while managing their charging schedules.

As technology evolves at an unprecedented pace, we anticipate future upgrades to bring even more features to EV charging apps. In the meantime, personalize your EV app dashboard according to your preferences and monitor your savings incrementally.

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